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We Heart – Oinofyta Refugee Camp, Greece


This summer, Reef Ambassadors Victoria Vergara, Mike Lay and Anna Ehrgott and Reef We Heart made a trip to Greece and helped Armando Aid create and fund education programs, build schools and buy materials for Oinofyta Refugee Camp. Through education and routine it may be possible to give a little hope to an entire generation of young Syrian, Afghani and other Middle Eastern children, a future to aim for and dreams to dream. The $10,000 donation from Reef will finish the school building project as well as fund a school for the Ritsona Refugee Camp.

“I think it’s a sign of hope, this camp. This isn’t the end game for them. They didn’t walk for hundreds and thousands of miles to be in this camp. But this is where they are and it’s amazing to see the good work that some of the people are doing here and the good work they are doing themselves to make this into somewhere safe and comfortable to live.”

We Heart is designed to help those in need where REEF and its global Ambassadors travel and surf, from our own coastal communities to those in the developing world. Join #ReefWeHeart and inspire communities all over the world that share in REEF’s vision.

Just Passing Through Russia: Episode 8


Episode 8 takes us deep into Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula with Cyrus Sutton in hopes of scoring a mysterious wave he discovered on a previous expedition a few years back. From bears to poachers, ex-soviet helicopters and a seemingly ideal swell in the forecast, Cyrus along with #ReefAdventureSeeker Anna Ehrgott and photographer Dylan Gordon put their lives on the line for a taste of perfection. This is #justpassingthrough at its finest.

Just Passing Through // Portuguese Reflections


Just Passing Through another coast on the map, and soaking in the discovery of a place suspended in time. Reef ambassadors Mike Lay, Mitch Crews, Evan Geiselman, Paige Maddison, Victoria Vergara and Tia Blanco get lost in translation as they explore new coasts from Lisbon to Berlengas. Diverse in their personalities and passions, they all find solace in just passing through the open-ended adventure of the Western Shores and reward in the bounty of the Atlantic.

Just Passing Through France: Episode 7


Episode 7 of #justpassingthrough jumps from reef slabs in Portugal to throaty beach breaks in France, where Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman join forces with fellow Reef Ambassadors Kai Otton, Mick Fanning and Roby D’Amico. The ensuing hunt for those elusive sandbars has its fair share of unthinkable exits and muscle-bending wipeouts as the boys steer their way through another European tube fest.

Just Passing Through Portugal: Episode 6


With nearly 1800 kilometers of coastline, the sights, sounds and colors of Portugal’s diverse coastline, stunning scenery and rich culture can bring out the #justpassingthrough spirit in anyone. From Lisbon to Ericeira, Peniche and Berlengas, Reef Ambassadors Evan Geiselman and Mitch Crews reap the benefits in Just Passing Through Portugal: Episode 6.



 昨年アメリカ・NYブルックリンのKinfolkでのローンチパーティーを皮切りに全世界に披露されたM.W FOR REEF。そのデザインを手がけた渡辺真史氏とREEFの珠玉のコラボレーションの第二弾が日本の限定された店舗にて発売となります。2年目となるコレクションでは、REEFの世界を旅するサーフアンバサダーたちのスタイルが、渡辺氏のフィルターを通じてより色濃く反映されている内容に。カリフォルニア・ブランドならではのリラックスしたビーチスタイルでありながら、街中でもこなれたラグジュアリー感を演出できるのはM.W FOR REEFならではです。


Aug. 6th(sat)at RON HERMAN TSUJIDO/5pm〜7pm

Photo: Dane Peterson


Just Passing Through Gold Coast: Episode 3



Just Passing Through: Balinese Reflections


Just Passing Throughムービー特別編、Bali Reflectionsが公開です。一年を通じてサーフィンしながら世界を旅するライフスタイルを送るティア・ブランコ、ペイジ・マディソン、ブリンクリー・デイヴィスのバリでのショートムービーをお楽しみ下さい。

Just Passing Through Bali: Episode 2


JUST PASSING THROUGHムービー第2弾は、ミッチ・クルーズ、アダム・ベネット、エヴァン・ガイゼルマン。リップ、バレル、エアーでバリの波を切り裂きます。Enjoy!

Just Passing Through Bali: Episode 1


2016 SPRINGのデリバリーを3月中旬に控え、REEFの新作ショートムービーがドロップ。第1弾はJUST PASSING THROUGH ロブ・マチャド〜バリ編です。全10話がこれから順次発表になりますので、お楽しみに。VIMEOのREEF_JAPANのアカウントの方にもアップしていきますので、引き続きチェックをお願いします。